Video Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

Why is Video Marketing Strategy so Effective in Business Growth?

Have you ever thought about the sky-rocketing rise in the consumption of video content? Not only the content creators but now brands are also using video marketing strategy to grow their business online. Let’s dive deep to get the answer to “Why is Video Marketing so Effective in 2020?“.

As per the stats, users view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube, and 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool- up from 63% over the last year. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Can you also take the benefit of video marketing in this era of social media? Yes, of course! But you might have some questions and doubts in your mind, like how can we make videos? What are the gadgets and equipment required to shoot videos? Do we need to do some professional courses, and the most important thing, how our company will be benefitted from the video marketing strategy?

Reasons for the Rise of Video Content

Let’s first discuss, why is the video marketing trend continuously growing? The very first reason is the accessibility of a smartphone and the Internet to most of the people.

In earlier days, people didn’t have a smartphone where they could access the Internet. Now, they also have high internet speed so they can easily watch videos in high resolution.

There are numerous video platforms in today’s time which made people very easy to create and share videos online. The diversity of social media platforms with their own pros and cons, have also played a very important role in boosting the growth of video consumption.

Why is Video Marketing Strategy so Effective?

The answer to this question lies in you also. If you are asked to choose between text content vs video content, which one would you prefer to consume? Obviously video, because our mind grasps the information from videos very easily in comparison to text.

Text has, no doubt, its own benefits. But nowadays people feel boring in reading, that’s where video content gets the competitive advantage. This understanding capability through videos is the main reason why video marketing is so effective.

People now don’t spend time on television and the newspaper where you used to advertise your brand. They now moved to smartphones and spend most of their time watching videos. If your target audience is there, then why video marketing won’t be effective. This is why every brand is using video content for its effective marketing even in this competitive world.

Future of Video Marketing in India

If we talk about the future of video content all over the world, people are now switching to ephemeral short videos rather than watching detailed and long videos. You have also noticed the rise of some platforms in this context in the recent times.

Those micro-video platforms actually allow people to share their experiences in just 15-30 seconds. And the apps are so much engaging and user oriented that anyone is coming on the app, he/she can’t help self to get rid of the same.

Apart from that, people are now switching to watch edutainment videos rather than complete entertainment or informative videos. The infotainment market size is growing day-by-day and brands have also a great opportunity to nurture their prospects with the right video marketing strategy.

Choosing the Best Platform for Video Marketing

It’s all about demand and supply with the right set of audience. In order to decide the best platform for an effective video marketing strategy for your brand, you need to first identify your target audience, where they are present. Are they on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform?

And this step will get easier if you’ve already specified your niche market and area of expertise. First, you need to understand every platform out there. Then choose the one which matches your target audience.

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I would like to suggest one more thing that puts your content on that platform which suits best for your niche and industry. But don’t leave the others, be present on all social media platforms to some extent.

Conclusion: Video Marketing Strategy in 2020

This is all about video content which you can also tap as a person and even as a company or brand. This has really amazing benefits and over the time the competition is growing too much. So if you wanna start creating videos then don’t think much, just start with whatever you have and however you can do.

Many people make excuses about not having professional video cameras, lighting setups, and others. Your smartphone can do the whole magic in today’s time. Open the camera app, shoot your video, and just upload. It’s also not that easy, so keep creating videos regularly. Don’t consider views and likes in the initial days because it’s a long-term game, and your video marketing strategy should be according to that. Thanks!

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